Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Is this bird a product of global warming?

A WILDLIFE sanctuary has rescued a two-week-old blackbird, the first time
such a young bird has been found at this time of year.The fledgling was
discovered in a garden in South London and brought to the Willow Wildlife
Sanctuary in Chislehurst by a concerned bird lover.Eddie Williams, who runs the
rescue service said: "This has got to be a first, and it must be because of the
mild weather. It takes 13 days for these birds to incubate, and then another 13
to 14 days to fly after the egg has hatched."The egg must have been laid around
January 20 at the latest, as the bird is still a few days away from growing the
full tail it needs to fly.Mr Williams will keep the bird for up to two weeks to
ensure it is fit and healthy when it is released.

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