Monday, March 12, 2007

Swallows are arriving and nature's stirring but hold on

Alan Davies, site manager at the RSPB's Conwy reserve, said this spring is the most bizarre he has ever experienced.There has been spring-like activity for weeks, he said. 'This has been the earliest spring ever in the bird world; it is totally unprecedented. It is easily five or six weeks ahead - it's all gone haywire.

'A swallow was spotted in South Wales on February 18, after flying here from the Cape, South Africa. The wheatear and sand martin are already here too. They are very early - it's crazy.

'The black-backed gull that winters in Morocco arrived in huge numbers in February and reed bunting - usually here in April - were sighted on February 20.

'Lapwing are already making their nests ready for breeding. And the bird dawn chorus sounds fantastic at the moment and has already reached the peak levels you would usually expect in April.' Read More...

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